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It's best just to read my posts, and forgive the mods who know not what they read. When I told Mavra that the King of Spain was before her, she clasped her hands and nearly died of fright. The stupid woman had never seen a King of Spain before. Gogol that. He's much funnier than Kaku.

Now softly, softly, some brief psychology. Hitch 'there was once a baseball, my children ask what's outside. I say I don't know. And I don't think anyone can do any better'. Sam 'it may have required a miracle. And I don't think anyone...' - look at the projection. A particularly funny one is when people say 'The easiest way to imagine this is...' and then tell you, with a straight face, the true limit of their imagination, not yours, which in happier moments, they fancy they can exceed. 'There may be 11 dimensions...' Well yes, there may be 111. Next line 'The easiest way to imagine this is...' and they reveal their modesty.

Now if you're of woman born, there isn't any easy way to imagine how clever I am. I can't be impressed, because I know what thought is, and which machines are cleverer. I'm not expecting any higher intelligence to visit. But you're all going to Mars, or wherever Hawking tells you - the further the better - and you're going to keep looking for alien bacteria, because you find soup exciting and can't imagine what life is, or that the vast majority of it is invisible, and that you could find more than you could cope with under your fingernail without getting out of bed.

What is it? Donner Kruger? Sounds like a champagne kebab. Don't imagine I'm going to bother to click it up so as not to appear silly before ants. I value your opinion. You can't see further than you can, neither can I, but I can see rather further than you.

Now you've had the no gut proof, in various formats, and I'm enormously surprised you will continue your quest to infinity and beyond. What a stupid language with no you plural. If you still want to make the leap, I wouldn't start from here. If you fancy it extrinsically falsifiable, for some reason that escapes you, then your problem becomes the infinity of postulates. You might be some time. It looks like you have billions to spare, while people starve, and absent objective morality you find decisions difficult. It looks like you find tinsel magpie extended phenotypical baubles reassuring. It looks like you find Mohammedanism more deadly than economics. It looks like you clap money-bulimia for philanthropy. Can you eat more than you can? It must have been a good idea to try on the Savannah. It looks like some appetites appear insatiable to those who can only see through themselves.

I talk to you out of pity, projected of course. I think you're all - and how tedious to have to add all - very silly, and I am but slightly sillier. You are magic or machinery. If you're magic you had better pick the correct sorcerer from the infinity. If you're machinery, you're going to completely fix yourselves and reverse engineer subjective reality. Long, long before the spaceship leaves. Otherwise I'd pay for the ramp. Have that with your cornflakes.

Half a century ago can machines think was something clever to ask. Our answer then, was, of course, to force-chemically xxxx him to death. It's values like that we were fighting for. And look how far we've come. Isn't evolution quick. Now build a bigger telescope and see if you can't look further up your arses. Peer review yourselves, I can't tell you apart. It looks like I could sell you anything but the truth. It's not quite free, the price is the cost, the value rather more, but you can't afford the thinking.

He won't find the correct number.

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