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"We missed our millennium goals to eradicate polio because we couldn’t run the refrigerators that housed the vaccine, but we spent a fortune on the ‘Islamic bomb’."

That's only half correct. This is at least the second time the goals have been missed. The program to eradicate polio was nearing completion a few years ago, but the Muslim authorities in northern Nigeria branded it as an anti-Muslim plot by the United States, and take-up of the vaccine was then severely curtailed by fatwa. As a result, polio bacame common again in Nigeria and started spreading again to areas where it had previously been eradicated. So the program of containment and vaccination had to start all over again, thanks to the Muslim authorities. Similar problems, fueled by die-hard Muslims, happened in Calcutta.

And thanks, Hitch, for indexing your book so I could quickly find the info again.

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