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Almost every Muslim-majority country is under-developed economically or socially. I believe that when a religion is adopted by a state it stifles progress. Pakistanis are running 40,000 Madrasas but 30 percent of the children under the age of 5 are malnourished.

We missed our millennium goals to eradicate polio because we couldn’t run the refrigerators that housed the vaccine, but we spent a fortune on the ‘Islamic bomb’.

This country would praise Mumtaz Qadri (the murderer of Salman Taseer), and yet marginalize the only Nobel laureate of the country because he was from minority sect.

If you want to see how much a hindrance religion can be in the progress of a nation, look at Pakistan.

You know what, actually, I couldn't agree more.

I honour your courage and respect your position.

Recently, I have had a complete change of heart regarding Pakistan. Despite its persecution of my community (of whom the Nobel laureate being referred to was a member), I once had a very heated discussion with my uncle (who is somewhat of a secular renegade) regarding the very existence of Pakistan.

He vehemently argued that the creation of Pakistan was a disaster and that it would've been much better for all parties (including our community) if India had remained intact. At the time I ferociously debated the point, but in hindsight I have to admit that he was absolutely right.

A united, secular, progressive India, home to a 65/35 Hindu/Muslim split would've prevented both Hindu nationalism and Muslim fundamentalism getting a foothold in the subcontinent as well as giving the world the largest and most diverse democratic state in human history.

It would have also completely redefined global geopolitics, with either a completely independent/neutral global superpower and market or one which tipped the balance of power in the world away from the current (and in my humble opinion, disastrous) hegemony of the belligerent USA and NATO.

Gandhi was right all along. Bless his spinning wheel!

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