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Recently I bought a black hooded sweatshirt that reads Militant Atheist on it with the "M" containing two rifles (bought online from Zazzle) - I've yet to engage a person to tell them that the phrase Militant Atheist is tongue in cheek which is entirely the point of the sweatshirt. It makes me sick to have our adversaries bandy around the word "militant" when real religious militants actually kill and torture people and threaten to kill people as easy as they breathe. The relevance is that I'm sure atheist groups in Muslim majority countries, such as Hazrat Nakhuda really know the true definition of "militant". People need to know when they refer to Atheists as "militant" just because we're vocal, really trivializes all the people who have been tortured or killed by militants of all kinds.

Mon, 09 Jan 2012 23:26:18 UTC | #906759