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G: What kind of response have you had from Pakistani Muslims?
HN: So far it is encouraging. But there is the odd individual who expresses his desire to behead me.

This guy sure has cahones.

As for atheism being the hope of the future, I put this point to an evangelical Christian, pointing out that because so many of the major religions of the world appear to be unable to coexist peaceably, and will never manage to accept each other's beliefs as the true correct belief, atheists (as long as they have no agenda to convert the religious) may eventually find themselves the only ones equipped to be the ‘synovial fluid’ between the joints of clashing religions that may never be able to resolve their differences.

The Christian's response was predictably depressing:

‘Do not think I come to bring peace, but a sword.’ It is not foretold that we will co-exist. Eternity matters more than temporary peace. ‘When all Nations surround Jerusalem crying “Peace, peace” but there is no peace…’ We are expecting the return of Jesus as the signs He told us to look for are increasing annually. (Though it could be centuries or decades.)

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