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As long as the hate speech laws exist, freedom of speech or expression is now compromised in Britain. I would like to see a campaign for these laws to be removed...

And if you remove any laws restricting hate speech, with what law exactly do you propose offenders like this are dealt with?...

This is probably the most educational video of the day. It parcels all the issues inequality, the world over, foists upon a world seeking a cosmopolitan solution. To my mind, it also illustrates how the upper classes pitch the lower classes against each other in times of strife. People are becoming so aggravated by their own difficulties as to blame them directly on the most accessible out group competing for their potential betterment. It keeps the higher ups free to take more authority, serving their agenda, and rewarding them in kind, plus it heats up emotions around integration and any potential for unified social cohesion. In real terms this war is probably going on surreptitiously, especially the affluent classes. How often do you see people wanting to rise above their peers in some clandestine ritual performed as if a common good is being sought?

This would make an excellent educational video for all sorts of issues to be addressed amongst learners, young and old. I'm not sure many would take it on though due fear of controversy. We'd soon be into historical influences like: colonialism and rights to roam; who deserves to inherit affluence and the ways it was got; what aspects of this generation deserves to stand in its own stead absent consideration of historical influence; what restrictions ought be imposed on immigration considering the likely consequences of open borders etc, and whether it all is somehow being juggled to good effect to preserve the privilege of the higher ups anyhow? Are we, in the lower ranks, forever the slaves who fight it out amongst ourselves, as more and more of the masses, undeserving of our plight, are foisted upon dilluting the ever fewer resources amongst us? Is this new era one of divide and conquer as ruthless as any colonialism ever was? Where is it all headed and is this the fear that sets us against each other?

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