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As long as the hate speech laws exist, freedom of speech or expression is now compromised in Britain. I would like to see a campaign for these laws to be removed...

And if you remove any laws restricting hate speech, with what law exactly do you propose offenders like this are dealt with?...

Either you think the law is right to sanction such behaviour, in which case you do accept the need for some 'hate speech' restrictions... Or else you think that people should be at perfect liberty to inflict that sort of behaviour on their fellow citizens. In which case I'd be interested to hear how you think allowing such obnoxiousness (which has nothing to do with the free exchange of ideas) is possibly of any aid to the cause of 'hopeful progress' of which you speak.

tricky question but personally i lean to the side of allowing people to be as vocal as they like in their ignorance. this video shows up all that's needed, no need to make a martyr of her, the video is in public domain, we all know what she's like and that's how it should be.

one question i do have about "hate speech" however; why doesn't it cover people being rude about rival football teams? every weekend thousands of people chant things that could and do lead to violence but no one football club complains so it's not a crime, it's all part of the fun isn't it?

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