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You're a later composition until you decompose and can't get any later. It's not a guess. Nihilism is pointless, apathy no motivation, genocide absurd etc etc. I've been dead since 1971. It's quite liberating really. I've had some of my best times dead, and intend to remain so for as long as I can, barring accidents. In fact I like it so much I die 3x a second or whatever it is. The secret is

Timing now you can't have it both ways yaffle, we're either the lucky ones, or we're the whimpering in fear with the rasping parasites. I'm afraid it's the raspers. So there's a more constructive quest for the bored persons.

But instead you're going to seriously consider killing a lot of persianians because a man that talks to flags and watches snuff movies in public tells you it's a good idea, just like he told you someone who couldn't organise a DVD was running the world. Goebbels is crying with jealousy. It's a Godwin. He usually wins amongst the credulous.

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