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Comment 8 by Richard Dawkins Now that's real feminism!

I understand the spirit behind that statement, but I just want to dispute the literal interpretation of that. In the sense, why should "feminism" get the credit for that (just as religion shouldnt get credit for any genuinely moral behaviour shown by humans)? Are we to believe that a remote town in the Nile Delta has an understanding of the feminist movement of the west and got the courage to rebel because of that understanding? No.. Its more likely that modernity egged them on, and they were just rebelling against tradition.. a tradition that required both men and women to play very specific gender roles because of the harsh environment and way of life humans had over the last several millenia. Upon the advent of modernity and a significant advance in the quality of life, feminism emerges as one of the rebellions against traditional gender roles. It focuses on just part of the story, views history through the lens of the present, and blames men for what it perceives as oppression through the ages, and has exacted a steep price on many men today. If you are wondering why you havent heard about this "steep price paid by men", well.. its for the same reason you havent heard about a man self-immolating himself in front of a courthouse in broad daylight in America in June 2011. Thats right.. he set himself on fire in public.. and an incident such as this should have been heard around the western world, let alone the US. After all, people know about the vietnamese buddhist monk who set himself on fire in 1963. But it didnt even make it to the national media here.. why? there's the power of feminism for you.

For starters, the lie of an oppressive patriarchy through the ages needs to be debunked, and you can hear it from GirlWritesWhat, a woman who's on a quest for gender equality. Whats really needed is a "gender transition movement" (as suggested by Warren Farrell), that pays heed to both genders' traditional roles, and works out an equitable deal for both. I really hope that the evidence and knowledge oriented people in our atheist movement take the time to study this dispassionately. Do remember, all ideologies should fundamentally be viewed with skepticism and suspicion, simply because they arent grounded in our best tool - science - and feminism is just another ideology.

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