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Comment 27 by astro.nj : No.. Its more likely that modernity egged them on, and they were just rebelling against tradition.. a tradition that required both men and women to play very specific gender roles because of the harsh environment and way of life humans had over the last several millenia.

That's what feminism is!

Upon the advent of modernity and a significant advance in the quality of life, feminism emerges as one of the rebellions against traditional gender roles. It focuses on just part of the story, views history through the lens of the present, and blames men for what it perceives as oppression through the ages, and has exacted a steep price on many men today.

It blames men for the oppression of women? What madness! Next they'll be blaming Europeans for the slave trade!

For starters, the lie of an oppressive patriarchy through the ages needs to be debunked,

The lie of an oppressive patriarchy through the ages? You would need to whitewash the entire history of the world to convince an objective observer that women have not been oppressed by patriarchal societies through the ages. Try reading the above article without your own idealogical blinkers on and you will see blatant evidence of the oppression of women by a patriarchal society.

Do remember, all ideologies should fundamentally be viewed with skepticism and suspicion, simply because they arent grounded in our best tool - science - and feminism is just another ideology.

Feminists differ in their individual views, their individual prejudices and their individual level of ignorance or education. But anyone who believes men and women are equal and who opposes the oppression of women is a feminist in my opinion. There may certainly be feminists who are flawed but the fact that they're a feminist isn't one of them.

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