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You've never lived in an Islamic country have you..that's obvious. They are the very example of everything that feminists have fought against. Under Islam women are owned in every sense of the word by the males of their families that are directly related to them. First by their fathers and then ownership of a daughter is transferred to her husband on the wedding day. Money exchanges hands and as soon as the marriage is consummated then the legal transfer is complete. Her every movement is scrutinized. She is not free in any sense. Her primary purpose is to provide offspring for her husband and to serve his every need. He has the right in Islam to beat her for even suspicion of wrongdoing. As I have posted previously, these women are backed into a corner and they need international help to get out. Some are aware that they are in a bad situation relative to women in the west but many don't have any idea what freedoms they are denied and others are just confused and frightened when I try to explain the situation to them. This whole problem is very complicated

and there are certain factors that make it resistant to easy solutions.

Instead of issuing proclamations that are based on a whole lot of nothing, why not ask questions and try to get a real understanding of what these women are up against and what the American and European feminists are doing to help them.

A cultural point that came to mind. I'm quite sure that the men of the family of those women who own the salon enjoy the income that they provide. Unrelated men who interact just a little too much with the women of another family are suspected immediately of impropriety and I tend to think that the salon women will rally their own men into action and this will be dealt with in a traditional tribal way. The reason that women are allowed to own and work in beauty salons is because there are no men hanging around. Another strong defense for these women is that the first wife of prophet Mo was a merchant! This is common knowledge and hopefully they will make good use of it. There is no problem with beating and physical violence there. It is to be expected.

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