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Let's replace race with "face" we may not be be able to differentiate between races (if they exist) but we have evolved to differentiate between faces, we even see faces on mars! How different are these faces? well we would probably say very different, we can distinguish millions of different faces at a glance. Skin colour, eye colour, size of nose, shape of mouth, slant of eye.... so many variations! Also, it is clear some variations are more common in particular locations. Wider noses in africa, darker skin in Sri Lanka, Bluer eyes in Scandinavia. At first glance this appears to suggest a large genetic separation between different regions of the Earth. However what if I was to say there is a greater difference between the facial features of chimpanzees in a much smaller geographic area? Yet these chimpanzees are considered to be of the same race! Perhaps our perception of "facial" difference is merely our keenly evolved facial recognition system, fine tuned for humans, leading us astray?

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