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You'll keep looking for nothing and finding it. Both ends of the telescope.

I suppose it's in the balance. The luck is in the scales before the eyes. On the one hand I am wired for empathy and must watch my world die. On the other hand, as far as I know, I've never been eaten by a crocodile. And all this because the brain was thought to be in the head, whereas it is brought by the wind from the caspian sea.

I'll give you con somme soup dragons some universal dialectical materialism. The aliens will eat each other, their kin less, there will be manifold formats and strategies - all piss-poorly executed - and any later minds worthy of the name will 'transcend the miracle' and have better machines to 'talk' to. They're not going to want to play intergalactic correspondence chess with dimwits at a move a century.

If you want to emote to someone by coincidence as dumb as you from another world, go to Machynlleth. Say 'I come in peace' in English and it actually might be worth watching.

Mr E's was the best btw, he just decohered a bit sooner than he could realise. I see he's now somewhat in vogue - it's a fashion industry after all.

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