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That really was amazing. Its funny because my daughter is studying this in class right now and just yesterday was telling me how interesting she finds it, I'll share this with her.

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Comment 8 by SteveN :

I realise that for the sake of clarity it is better to keep things simple, but insisting that the animations are an accurate representation of reality unfortunately plays into the hands of the ID proponents. Ben Stein famously used a rip-off of a similar animation in 'Expelled' to show how complex and 'designed' the molecular machinery of the cell is: therefore God.

IMO, we can't start playing those games. Ignorant people are going to distort science no matter what, its a waste of time to worry "if I present it this way then X will distort it like this..." Go for the most accurate representation and understanding and don't waste energy worrying about how people may mis-use it.

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