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Sorry but this is rubbish. What worries me about atheist movement is its eagerness to show stupidity of religions while at the same time it prostitutes itself as a tube for secular religions as psychiatry. IAD ? ADHD ? Let's push more and more drugs together ? Below you can find an interesting article written by one of my personal favourites atheists.

OCD could be attributed equally to employment - especially where people deploy themselves purely due pressures to survive - full time for bread and water so to speak. In other words, the religion of this is the successful part of employment that enables some to be higher earners than the 'slaves' - who of course must be more mentally challenged (deluded) to tolerate such a lowly consumation of their valuable 'life hours'. Essentially we again have the old class systems being played out where speculation is our nature and outcome is our justice.

For thousands of years, human magnified experience and positive brain chemical manufacture ( by artificial or natural activity) have been the mainstay of our species. Even speculations beyond our own existence have become a market force for maximal harvesting. Hook up the peoples energies, to give excess to the few, by promise of delusion in another life, but then also ensure the elite retain status there hence, "Build me a large pyramid."

The above preoccupation with the human experiential is something humans became expert at. The pre-factual pseudoscience was far more subjectively occupied with humans emotional states - as today, in part, with election behaviour. The greatest emotional-sciences developed into markets for concentric circles of power struggles. Society would employ levels of psychological support or sanction to effect both its subjective justice and its speculative pecking orders through the ranks. We still function via similar societal rejection /acceptance strategies in the 21st century. Who is cool and who is uncool etc.

However the most pernicious emotional sciences were derived from ones evolved to help each of us self respect ourselves and each other. How to think positively about oneself and help others do the same came to include how to resist negative influences on ones inner emotion and self psychology. This 'negative knowledge' became a two way market tool. It became complex. It became a market for success and power. Tactics were born which deployed both conspicuous and subtle erosions of other inner self esteem for long term power and control over them. For the few, cunning use of this would enable certain 'popular' agendas great success as with todays material wealth markets. This was the first, class system, capitalism - who could be king or queen of others feel goods and thus their own magnification of all their own potentials - further manifested by others de coupled cognition becoming hard wired to their advantage.

Hope you enjoyed my rant - I did! If you want further evidence of this delve into paganism and the self - how to harden the self and reduce hostile others.

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