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To play devil's advocate for one minute, I don't think this type of abuse is exclusive to Christians ranting on internet forums. Dare I say it, I have seen similar sentiments espoused from our own ranks on some atheist forums. Derren Brown's recent show "The Gameshow" demonstrated how easy it is to follow the herd, to loose inhibitions and stick the boot in when you're in an anonymous setting and internet forums/ chatrooms and discussion blogs are notorious for it.

It's simply an ugly facet of the human condition which we all fall foul of to varying degrees from time to time. We notice it instantly when we're in the firing line, but are we such sticklers for these unspoken rules of engagement when we're talking to religious folk we don't agree with? Or are we tempted to "bend the rules, just a little"

In trying to explain the behaviour of crowds, contemporary social psychologists refer to deindividuation. Members of crowds feel anonymous and anonymity leads to a decrease in responsibility and loss of inhibitions.

Whilst tempting to say that Christians should be above all that, I'm not entirely surprised that they're not. Whether that makes them hypocrites is another matter.

Sat, 14 Jan 2012 14:46:29 UTC | #908221