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Comment 19 by Richard Dawkins

Not a psychologist, but this is how I am thinking about it.

Cursing angrily doesn't come from the language center of the brain, it originates in the area responsible for action. I believe that is why it is felt as an assault, because we are familiar with this feeling, and feel it as action and not as language. Conversely, I submit that an angry, cursing response to someone's religion being challenged comes from the perception that their actual person is being threatened, and not just their beliefs, and that this is because of their identification as a second-order believer, and not as one who actually holds first-order beliefs. In other words, they don't actually believe (or have even read or thought about) each individual tenet, but they see themselves as believers. Born again, as someone who doesn't need to think about it anymore, until something like this hits them right in the brain and they lash out from the action center, not the language center.

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