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Comment 5 by rod-the-farmer I wonder if someone who has had their genome sequenced by the National Geographic people would be so kind as to anonymously post the results here for all of us to see. I am personally very keen to get my own done, but I feel I would be buying a pig in a poke. I have no idea what the results would look like. Is there an example someplace we could look at and see just what it is you get for your $100 or so ?

I was a participant in the project and it was very enlightening. I can tell you that the ability to test with National Geographic is still available and is far less costly than having Familytree DNA test it. They are the facility that tests for the project. After you test with NG you can transfer the data to Familytree free of charge I believe and they maintain your DNA for 25 years on ice and you can order addition tests in the future. You will discover your haplogroup and that is a tremendous value alone to find out where your lineage came from. I will give you a classic example of the benefits of testing as follows - my family had always perpetrated a story that we had American Indian blood in our line and after testing I disproved that nasty rumor for good. I can't wait to test my Genome and when it gets down to 1000.00 I will be one of the first in line. Many are afraid of the potential to discover data that might suggest illness down the road in life but I would prefer to see it coming if you know what I mean.

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