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The thing about it is those two, young and rosso. I checked the pair of them on Wiki, and they are weird. rosso believes the 9/11 twin towers disaster was the result of a controlled explosion, shes a republican and manages his campaign, he's a democrat. he still got ten percent of the vote in the democratic candidate elections in rhode island. these people are mad eyed middle aged on the make 'dont knows'.

America is a scary idea to me, but with the religious attitudes taken by education in britain, I cant really offer an alternative catholic schools, moslem schools, jewish schools, it all seems liberal enough, but in the end it's despotic. Prof Richard's ideals are far from achieved.

Religion, hymns and crap, were a regular enough occurrence in my schooldays, our father this, if I should die before I wake, amen, all that. We never even called it a protestant school, but it was, and we were taught protestantism.

That 'girl' has sense, guts and gumption. Her critics can do little more than repeat abusive cliches at her. She studied on her own, and the degree of her capacity to express and to assert herself as a U.S. citizen articulately demonstrates just how inadequate cranston's 'education' is.

Bravo Bravo Jessica Alquist.

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