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Regarding the level of hostility to Atheists shown by these "loving" Christians, the only kind of sense I can make out of it is to try and think from the perspective of an absolutist true-believer. If you really, really believe in hell (and I mean really believe) and if you think hell is eternal, then suffering, pain and hardship in this life doesn't really matter that much. What would really matter would be the eternal future of the person, after all what is temporary suffering compared with eternal torment?

So all this means that getting into heaven and avoiding hell should be the only real concern for these fundamentalist. Therefore, anything that threatens this eternal future is, by definition, the evilest thing imaginable. Since the fundamentalists emphasise the importance of believing in Jesus almost as much as doing good deeds (or sometimes even more) when it comes to being accepted into heaven, Atheists are the worst cads imaginable. It is really difficult to get our heads around from our non-fundamentalist perspective, but to the fundies it really would make a certain sort of sense to think that Atheists are actually worse than, say, child molesters. Sam Harris was right when he pointed out that from their perspective an Atheist who is openly 'evangelising' his or her Atheism is the only one of the two who could really threaten a child's eternal future.

All that kind of makes a twisted sort of "sense" to me. The real question is why the bloody hell do they believe in heaven/hell in the first place, and why do they think believing in Jesus makes a scrap of difference which one you would go to?

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