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This is a step in the right direction. ;) I choose my 'education' carefully. Good will be the days when realisation occurs that myth education - as fact - is synonymous with smoking being recommended as good for your long term health. It is cancerous on the majority of humans psychological functioning and currently more pernicious due the concealed functioning of the human brain being an excellent smoke screen for all manner of psychological malfunction. Good will be the days when ALL education recognises this reality in how it presents belief, both to believers and those purely seeking a holistic sense of reasoning about the world we are 'in it together' to hopefully improve our common understanding of and how to help each other best preserve it for future generations to enjoy, rather than be petrified for the duration. I can vouch for that my friends! I can vouch for that!

Sun, 15 Jan 2012 06:06:12 UTC | #908450