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Of course the Chinese have found 'evidence' for Net Addiction.

The Net is where bad ideas come to die.

The Chinese have a history of:

a. Censorship

b. Attempting to control the Net - and recently getting close to succeeding (thanks to a US company - go figure)

The full story is well worth a read.

Several things stood out for me:

Last year Charles O'Brien of the University of Pennsylvania, the Chair of the Addictions Committee, said in a press conference reported here, that internet addiction would not be included ... [in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is due to be updated in 2012]


The ... obvious point to make about the Chinese study is that it's very small and therefore not conclusive of anything.


Colin Drummond, [is] Professor of Addiction Psychiatry at Kings College London, which has the largest research centre for psychiatry in Europe. I asked him whether internet addiction is a medical illness. He said:


No ...


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