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I have an ally

There is something that you really should know about your ally Mike "business as usual" Ridley: he has more front than Brighton. Firstly, his family has extensive interests in fossil fuels. Secondly, he was the chairman of Northern rock, the first British bank to crash since 1878. Neither this failure nor his being judged by Parliament’s Treasury select committee to have practised a "high risk, reckless business strategy" stopped him from publishing a book a few years back, which explained why there should be less regulation for bankers.

Think about the CO2 output from every breath of every living creature every second.

This, unlike man made warming, has been happening for quite some time now.

From every volcano…

Estimates for volcanic output collected from scientists by the Energy Information Administration of the US energy Department range from 65 to 319 million tonnes. In 2007, fossil fuels were responsible for 29, billion tonnes, which is nearly 100 times the highest estimate.

The weather has not changed…

Even your mate Matt doesn't have the chutzpah to deny that the climate is warming.

Polar bears are not dying…

You don't cite a source for your optimism, so I'm guessing that yours is Matt Ridley again. His optimistic source was a Canadian politician he'd heard on the telly, who was quoting some polar bear hunters. The IUCN have monitored 12 groups of polar bears: one is increasing, three are stable, and eight are in decline.

I don't understand how climate change deniers have become heretics among "educated" scientific thinkers

It's the same reason as they don't take people seriously who don't except evolution: Scientific evidence.

I must be somewhat of a rational person, for I believe strongly in evolution….

Even creationists accept that the sun is not driven across the sky daily on a chariot and that the Earth is not flat. All the same, their beliefs are fucked up beyond belief.

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