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Comment 127 by RJMoore :

Why or how is it enabled by the 'depravations of others'? Do you not consider that if the living standards of 'others' were raised yours would rise even more?

I typed deprivations, but depravations are probably involved somewhere too. Yes, it's quite possible that with a different economic model - not based on debt and using an alternative unit of common value (my own thinking is this could be time as in labour) - there could be an overall raising of standards. It depends on what you mean by raised standards. If you mean a happier society, less crime, people more able to think at a higher level etc. then yes. If you mean more 'stuff', then no.

How do you think the welfare states of the West would cope if borders were opened? As far as I can see, most Western states, with the exception of Oz, Norway, and a few others, cant pay their bills as it is.

Not all immigrants are poor. There's also another significant form of emigration that goes on from Western countries. It's not movement of people but capital in the form of tax evasion/avoidance to offshore havens. That's the real threat to welfare state sustainability. People like Philip Green who has channelled 1.2 billion pounds to an offshore vehicle registered to his wife in Monaco. As for countries not being able to pay their bills, this is a problem if you base your economy on a pyramid scheme and maintain a nation-state pretence that whilst allowing international trading of currencies.

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