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Comment 130 by Steve Zara :

What is truly wicked is tolerance of inequality within communities. It treats cultures as if they are protected species and must be preserved, even if that means that women in those cultures are treated as second-class citizens or worse.

I'm not sure the term 'community' is helpful. It's always struck me as odd that people refer to the LGBT community, when there isn't one really. There are always individuals with their own agendas and interests - some of which may overlap but a lot of which won't - it's just nomenclature that makes us define a community. I think, for example, of one of the few 'lesbian' bars in London (and even the country) now owned and run by a gay man. When he bought it up he immediately put it forward to be featured in some dreadful TV show and rebranded and redecorated with a business agenda, not representation agenda, in mind. His interests were quite different to many of the people who might go to the bar - what makes them part of the same community?

The same goes for self-defined muslims. There is such a variety of economic background, family structure, cultural influences and beliefs. I'm not sure there is any more sexual inequality between those who self-define as muslim than in society as a whole. Some muslim women will be very self-determined, economically autonomous, highly educated etc. Some won't be. There will be non-muslim women who have little say on the family finances, are abused by partners, do unpaid and unappreciated work in the domestic sphere and have grown up being told their ambitions and behaviours should be different to their brothers.

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