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RD: Minute 30: I DO complain to be born, because I am the product of rape and an existing abortionforbidding law.
I am also in bad health and have always been, now that I am old it is accepted that children can already have the very painful illness of rheumatism, but I have been getting my regular daily dose of painkillers for ten years only!
In my youth the nuns said that I had to thank their god for "life" which meant pain and abuse (not only by them), now I am very cross with you just because what you say sounds so similar.

I am an atheist because the very few atheists I met in the course of my escaping religious dumbth accepted my fight against the abortionforbidding law and there is still a close connection between atheists and the euthanasia movement.

I do recognize that most people who endorse selfdetermination are still atheists, and that your argumentation of the theoretical combination of genes is something different, but only a few of these combinations feel good!
We the others, born or not, are better off without existence.


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