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Has anyone ever done a survey and asked women why they're using Sharia courts? Do they know the normal, secular route to divorce (or whatever)? Is the normal route too expensive and slow? Do they believe they'll go to hell if they use normal British courts, or that their husbands will beat them up if they try it? Are they in fear of their lives? Do they believe their word is worth half that of a man's?

We can't help these women until we know why they're sticking their arms in the fire like this. There's no point reassuring them that the police will guarantee their personal safety, if they think they'll burn in hell.

I suspect the results would be damning for Sharia courts, but regardless, I think we need to know. Is this something that the Richard Dawkins Foundation or the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain could organise? I'd bung in a tenner. Either the Sharia courts cooperate, in which case it would be cheap and easy, or they don't in which case we publicise that fact.

Let's get some data.

Wed, 18 Jan 2012 19:57:16 UTC | #909616