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My meaning is secured in "this life". I posted the following observation in another post but I will state a part of it again because it is one of my core understandings and it helped me when I stripped off the affliction of religion.

I feel we should point out a hugely fantastic benefit to the religiously affected, and that is a full and useful life right now. They are instructed to adhere to religious dogma and deny an attachment to the real world because they will secure another un-ending life to come. This is criminal to my sensibilities and strips away personal accountability which affects the life presently lived. If you know this is your only world you are going to attempt to take better care of it, for your benefit and the benefit of your offspring. Possibly suggesting a brotherhood of humanity would be a better option but we know what happens when this is broached, it is labeled socialism.

I think it has some merit but it may not be an absolute for all. Living your life thinking you get another bite at the apple is just one of the tools religion uses as an incentive for you to follow along and believe the fantasy indoctrination so they can keep those collection plates full in my opinion. I now have a life that is a thousand times larger than the religiously choked life I was living before.

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