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"The correspondent was blunt: “Why don’t you atheists just go out and kill yourselves right now?”"

Only a christian faith-head could catechize such a banal question. Paula's response got it so right.

How can one not but heap scorn on such a contrived, convoluted and inward-looking perspective as the christian worldview, a perspective so constrained within its own self-imposed and self-proscribed boundaries of human experience, that is for the most part, in complete denial of everything else humans do and understand outside their christian compound? Christian theism is antithetical and anti-ecumenical in progressing our understanding of the human condition. It is, to put it bluntly anti-human, through which people are expected to compliantly hand over every effort, every striving, every struggle that has been undertaken, capitulating every reason for our existence and grovelingly acquiescing all that it is to be human to an undeserved, unwarranted and utterly gratuitous figment.

If this form of abject self-abasement is the transcendent pinnacle of the christian ideal, then I say stick it right up your arse. No disrespect intended.

A terrific response Paula. Go bite their bum, hard.

Thu, 19 Jan 2012 06:29:38 UTC | #909718