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Comment 46 by Quine :

It is because they infantalize humanity.

Interesting choice of descriptor, Quine.

"The infantilist community is described ...... as made up of two main types - adult babies (adults who role play infants) and sissy babies (who role play as infants of the opposite gender). ..... Adult babies roleplaying as a baby or small child ..... is considered the signature expression of paraphilic infantilism. ........ Others may only desire gentle or nurturing treatment, based on the desire to be cared for or to "surrender the responsibilities of adult life".

A survey in an unpublished doctoral thesis found that infantilists are commonly male, are on average thirty-eight years of age, in steady employment, normally have an undergraduate level of education or higher and are usually married or in a stable relationship. However, since there are so few studies of infantilists and so few women who self-identify as infantilists, it is not clear how accurate this survey was."

This is taken from the Wikipedia Dictionary about paraphilic infantilism. While offered in jest there are some elements that are strikingly germane.


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