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Therefore canabalism, and killing a human being to satisfy whatever physical, territorial, surval or supremacy need, is actually no more abhorrent than sitting down to a turkey dinner.

That is, in a very real sense, quite correct. That is why the idea of eating dead relatives makes you and I feel physically ill, and yet there where humans doing that as little as a hundred years ago, who considered it not only perfectly reasonable behaviour, but sacred ritual. A common greeting among these people, considered especially flattering, was "I eat you.".

Morality is simply what culture says it is, what we collectivley agree. The bedrock which you are desperate to find, does exist, but it is not provided by "God", but by the evolutionary advantageous impulse to protect, love and do good to kin. Most readily summed up by "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.". Sometimes, that means "Eat me when I've died.". The trick will be to extend that golden rule to all humans equally, erasing the artificial barriers of race, religion and nationality. The good news is we seem to be stumbling along the right track, and may even make it:-)

However, what now seems certain, is that we don't benefit from the contradictory 10th hand hearsay of a very nasty God, filtered through notoriously unreliable acolytes, telling us what is right or wrong. That simply breeds unjustified pious certainity and rage, as evidenced by the entire span of religious history to the present day. It also puts Teddy bears and teachers at terribly risk.

It seems to me that 6,000 years of "revelation", has simply led to the same kind of manipulative assholes (albeit with different headgear) lying and killing for basically the same bad reasons.

Yet, people in simple dialouge with each other, rejecting anything as especially sacred do a far better job of reaching rational conclusions, conclusions that do much better justice to the spirit of the golden rule, than religion EVER has.

So lets dump all the holy books and do that. Talk, argue, consult and come to agreement.

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