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yet another thread of comments muddied up with ADH and Steve. Boring!

If the consensus is that it is boring, then I am happy to stop. However, I thought that one of the purposes of the site should be to engage with people of different views. Even if we don't change their minds, surely it is an educational experience for both sides, and is a positive message about the nature of this site.

ADH is not a nutter - he represents mainstream Christian opinion. And as for uninvited, where does it say "atheists only" regarding membership here?

We could resort to a mutual admiration group; nothing more than patting each other on the back and praising each other for how rational and sane we are regarding religion. But that surely be behaving in precisely the way we have been stereotyped as behaving, wouldn't it? And wouldn't it be just a bit dull?

Sat, 08 Dec 2007 08:17:00 UTC | #91015