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Some of us just enjoy the debate, coretemprising! What a dull place would be if we all just sat around agreeing with each other. I have yet to read a post by steve99 that I have found boring, and there haven't been many of them that I haven't learned something from either so Steve, please keep them coming.

I do agree that very few people are likely to change their minds about anything by reading what other people write - but don't you find that the very process of gathering your own thoughts to respond to someone else makes you question and challenge them, identify areas of them that aren't strong and that you therefore need to explore more deeply?

As an example, if I hadn't started engaging in debates with theists on a different forum about a year ago, I doubt very much whether I'd have felt the need to understand evolution better, or cosmology. Has my learning more about evolution and cosmology in the last year transformed those theists' views in any way? No, of course not. But it has transformed and strengthened mine and opened up whole new areas of interest to me. If I'd just decided those theists weren't worth debating with and walked away, they wouldn't be any the poorer now. But I would be.

Sat, 08 Dec 2007 08:19:00 UTC | #91017