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Ask not to be treated like a thief.

Well stop fucking stealing then. Most everyone I know is an internet thief. And, while I don't buy the guilty until innocent approach, I totally understand how the creators of content get pissed-off when their stuff gets ripped-off by some selfish gimme-gimme who never earned a damn thing in their life.

Maybe there isn't a fix and entertainment content will just become a sideshow hobby for people with really nothing to do. I already don't know what to do on You Tube... watch what? (Mimi pisses in her Cornflakes 3:24).

Good thing I don't listen to music, watch movies or read books. ; )

Not sure what Colbert is talking about. Vid sent me somewhere, which sent me somewhere that expected me to actually take time and look for the video. That didn't happen. Patience clocked-out.

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 21:53:51 UTC | #910337