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SOPA is only a temporary measure. Eventually the cost of policing will dwindle away to nothing. Not only because no one will ever share any information, which means zero costs of policing what amounts to no transactions, but also because once pure copyright protection is finally here then the people will have learnt to arrest themselves.

There will also be no whining and complaints because it will need to be made illegal to criticise such laws for them to work. Rules can only be effective if everyone agrees to them. And eliminating disagreement amounts to the same thing. Complaining would otherwise effectively be encouraging a breach of copyright or counselling someone to undertake an illegal act – which would be an illegal conspiracy. So the people would eventually need to learn to arrest themselves for that too. Once everyone becomes a criminal until proven innocent then there need be no distinction between real criminals and everyone else - hence no crime. So this is also a very effective solution to all crime, and self-policing too.

US politicians are very slow to catch on. It's amazing that US politicians are only now beginning to embrace this approach nearly 100 years after such policies were pioneered by all of the world's communist dictators.

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 21:59:08 UTC | #910340