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Comment 13 by canadian_right PS It is bollocks to claim that every freely copied work is a lost sale.

Absolutely, I know one guy in particular who has a massive collection of pirated DVD's and an equally large collection of brought DVD's. When questioned he tells me if it's any good he buys the better quality copy of it. So many of these films he would never have brought unless he pre-viewed them first like test driving a car. Ha also wants to see it NOW! In the past this has not been possible except through pirated content.

There was a time when artists could only make an album by using a studio and signing onto a label. Radio Head have released their own Albums on a pay what you want basis. Prince gave away copies of his new album in the UK through a newspaper which successfully promoted his then upcoming concerts which were then sold out. Other artists bands have set up their own labels from the start. With modern technology it is now possible to cheaply have recording equipment for $1000's of dollars that once would have been well beyond the ability of individual bands to afford. Basically the record labels are becoming irrelevant and are desperate to hold onto the monopoly that is slipping away.

Even the film industry is under threat in the same way. A friend of mine has been involved in filming adverts for local television. In the past equipment was prohibitively expensive, now these guys are using HD SLR cameras instead of broadcast cameras. The results are really nice and for under $1000 means that more and more is able to be done on a small budget. Even CGI effects and animation are possible with open source software (free) like Blender that is more than good enough to allow low budget productions to use limited amounts (man hours is still an issue) in cheap productions. See as an example.

Content will more and more shift over to the internet and different business models. The industry will need to adapt or die.

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