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The latest episodes with him and Stewart in regards to the SuperPACs, are pure genius. They are taking a ludicrous subject (corporations are people as decided by the conservative majority on the bench) and showing the whole world what a stupid, destructive thing that Super PACs and the idea that corporations are people. It's satire of the highest order.

And to think that people don't "get" what he's doing. It boggles the mind that people are that dim witted that they can't see the obviousness of this grand parody. The whole thing is a grand mockery of our whole electoral process as it is today. We the public are getting more education and information about the REAL political process than we ever do from the actual people who are, you know, supposed to keep tabs on these things, the free press comes to mind.

It warms my heart that there are actual sane people seeing how completely messed up our system is right now.

On topic: SOPA is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Stewart showing the clips of the congress members not knowing a damn thing about how the internet works really hit the nail on the head. It's pathetic that these people are making decisions about something as important as the which could essentially paralyze the whole thing overnight. Not to mention the fact that the very simplistic way of cutting off websites as described by the law can be so easily circumvented it's not even funny.

It's so easy to get around this attempt to cut off the websites it's just....duh. This law assumes that everyone would be using the ISP's default DNS servers (essentially a server your browser goes to to get the actual IP of a website, like, and then your browser goes there. But anyone can change their default DNS server from their ISP so easily. And there are a ton of DNS servers to choose from. for instance, or googles. And it will just bypass the ISP's DNS server.

I'm half asleep so pardon the typos/garbled info.

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