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Comment 8 by aquilacane Shows a clear lack of understanding of the issue.

Comment 11 by wald0h This guy has absolutely got it right. Piracy is a customer service problem. Clearly there's a market for a service that so called 'pirates' are trying to fill and that the executives of movie/TV industries are incapable of grasping.

According to aquilacane, I'm a deadbeat who doesn't earn anything and steals everything. But that's not the case. I work hard, I have valuable skills and a good job. But I struggle to keep a very modest roof over my head AND feed myself. I don't go anywhere or do anything. Don't smoke, don''t drink, don't take drugs, don't have jewelry, don't have extravagances ANYWHERE in my life. No way can I afford the $140+ per month it would take for me to watch the 3 or 4 shows I really want to watch on HBO and Showtime. I would have to subscribe to basic cable for $70 and another $70 for extended cable, paying for the craptastic sludge that the networks produce while contributing to the salaries of network executives who make 100 times what I do.

THAT is stupid.

You want to talk about stealing? The reaming of the middle-class by greedy, wealthy corporations and their executives is a good place to start.

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