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I was a strong Christian and like you had many years invested in a religion. In my case it was the Baptist religious community and their way of life with many like minded friends. My dad was not religious and I spent several teenage years trying to save him so he would not go to hell. But for me the process or realization started in my mind which is object(autistic) instead of domain(relational) oriented. Even though I was in a church alot, I was still having a hard time connecting in a deeper way because my autistic thinking was getting in the way of my ability to peer. My mind would look at the world with great curiosity and it started putting connections together much like Darwin. Since I didn't read much, my mind was not tainted like so many of my friends with domain propaganda. Things had to make sense to me and if someone said something that went against the collection of information I had observed I would debate them not realizing the domain damage I was doing. I was ignorant to the impact of my words and the ripple effect it had on others and their families since I was a mini scientist having fun findIng answers to everything. Over this period of time as I learned more and more information about the Bible and Egyption beliefs that made their way into the Bible I started to mourn over the death of my beliefs but eventually I was finally at peace with life without immortality....Just be careful with friends and family and just plant seeds that will need to grow over many many years. It took ten years for my wife to cross over, after almost divorcing a couple of times, but we are now finally like minded and teaching our kids this new world view of tolerance and science. We humans are all close brothers born from a minute gene pool and our skin color has more to do with the distance our families have lived from the equator than anything else. I wish you the best on this new path.

PS: My language communication skills are weak but this weakness has given me a strength in my ability to visualize the world and analyze problems and more easy evolve.

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