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How do we define who is right? How do we define who has rights in this situation? I can't think of who else has rights except for the citizens of the country who voted the fundamentalists into office. With 47% majority in Egypt, the M.Brotherhood has been voted in. Reports here say that the Salafists have the 2nd place. What more is there to be said? They've made their bed and now they'll lie in it. I'm sorry to say that it is now assumed that the Islamic countries that can manage to throw off their dictators/kings will sink into a dark age of Islamic fundamentalism. Pity the women and girls who will bear the brunt of this religio-facist oppression.

Let's not forget what happened in Algeria through the 90's. The M.Brotherhood was on a course to win elections, the election was cancelled by the Government and all hell broke loose in that place for the next decade. It's still going on even now. According to many Algerians (Im married to one) this is why Algeria is not rising up in this Arab Spring. They can't take it anymore. They just want to live and not be afraid anymore. Demonstrations are increasing there in the past weeks but it's hard to tell how far they can go. We can be sure that the fundamentalists are poised to take action when they see their opportunity to do so.

What the west needs to understand and accept is that there is a widespread support for Muslim fundamentalists by the common people. Shouldn't we assume that there is a reason for this that is very important to these people? There is an elephant in the room here that is uniting Muslims everywhere. Islamic fundamentalists are just the catalyst in this equation. The Muslims who are voting for the fundamentalist political parties don't appreciate the restrictive lifestyles that they are probably facing but they are willing to hold their noses to support the political goals that the fundamentalists are promising. The correction of a terrible humiliation that was done to their fellow Muslims by the west. The elephant in the room.

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