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We all know democracy has its limitations when the electorate, for want of choices or understanding of issues, vote for a party which,once legitimately in power, passes laws against those it dislikes and effectively suspends democracy . It doesn't have to be this way if those elected act in good faith. Sadly we have not seen this except perhaps in Turkey (where Ataturk virtually banned religiosity especially at state level).

Constitutional monarchies, which is a variation favoured by us Brits after WW1 and WW2 also failed because the constitutional monarchs did not have sufficient legitimacy - indeed in the eyes of many, because they were "put up" by the western powers, they were distinctly illegitimate. This made them easy targets for the proliferation of socialist parties in Egypt (Nasser), Iraq and Syria (Baathist) etc. Again, they drew up the ladder behing them.

It is very difficult to see how our friends in the middle east can get out of this. My view is that we must let them vote for whoever and then recognise their governments and set up trade and diplomatic missions with all the good will we can muster.

But our weapon of choice to defend the people in Egypt, Iran, etc must be The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is a short, easy read and still relevant today. The United Nations is the route to a secure, democratic and friendly future.

It's not going to be easy, the West has been here before (1918 and 1945) and the efforts of many who had the best of intentions ultimately led to disappointment and dictatorship. What will happen this time?

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