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Evolution of Allah? The consciousness that fights for power! Is it a rightful claim of the poor upon a dream of an afterlife to compensate them, against the riches denied them, in this life? Also is it a wonderful way for the powerful to have control over the masses and enjoy their place to remain ever powerful? An excellent system for an upper class to have a large poorer class doing as they command - pretending it is Allah who says so!

I was thinking how this cryptic existential has evolved to transform a great poverty of emotional symbiosis upon the powerless. Rich strategy! Power strategy! Generation after generations of humans has calculated giving people a self imposed slavery that affords "good life" to the powerful - due the very frugal investments of poorer peoples emotions in their own demise rather than their superiors. The poor will suffer whilst the richer are closer to god - but especially a good life. The financial sector used incisive elements of this with the bankers fiasco - but utilising shorter term advantage via legal channels rather than the emotional, that takes generations to establish, for religious devotions to notions of Allah or god. These often take hundreds of years to gain "wealthy devotion". Bankers haven't so long to work out a bonus! They got a legal deal!

Religion is SUPERTOUGH ! It has multigenerational emotional co-dependencies built into its strategy. Allah seems indestrucable - whoever taught this way to think had great invention in his mind - for power. Family grows around emotions built on an afterlife. It seems much better - more powerful - than this life. In the same way the markets and governments appear to have cloud cuckoo land solutions to any financial crisis arising for the poor, which preserve affluence for the few , so too does religion , in very real terms. It distracts everyone by appeal to the imaginary cloud riders ("God is over the clouds my friends - trust in me - and MY imagination"). And what a massive trick they have pulled off. The bankers with their $Billions and Religion,Islam et al with its Billions of human minds slaving to its leaders. The tricky minds of the few getting all the feelings and wealth of the millions under their spell!

Religion is one of the original methods to impose the massive silence of violence upon ones fellowman that all power pyramids of the humans require, in the same way that natural selection does this by chance (chaotically). True believers are the greatest collective sufferers of this history of trickery, designed to devote all their senses to something no one can display to any of us - imagination of something better than we already have! Imagination by a few humans to trick the rest into lifelong slavery. God is THE GREAT TRICK!

Humans - they fight to become natural selectors, due their consciousness of chaos about natural selection ( who can win at life?). Religion is a fantastic machine to do this, devised long before the mass machinery we see today. It was the first industrialisation - of human minds - to all work toward a common product of cultural cooperation that assisted manufacture or construction, helping establish new skills and power. But its purposes soon were overtaken by its conspiracy. The conspiracy now leads the way! The delusion of, "I know what God/Allah wants." absent any contact or reason. So the people who protect this "imagination" are more powerful than ever. They are like a military button for the nuclear bomb they have made out of the minds of the masses. Real power over people.

I ask myself, "Would I do things any differently if I were in power, could I afford to, would I be allowed to and would I even last if I attempted to?"

For answers to these personal questions, I rely like Terry Pratchet said in the '30 authors thread', on my fellowman to show me where this is the case and like him I grow more disenchanted, within myself, due my species displaying gross incompetence to care about what each other knows, learns and is helped to reason about. I struggle to see any so placed that are afforded answers to the same questions. The entropy is a poor humans pain and an affluent humans paradise - metaphorically and otherwise. Power and slavery. Pleasure is built on another's pain. It's this mass pain consciousness that is the natural harvest humanity wrestles with and that most of us share unwillingly. For most it remains the rotting leaves of a fruitless summer. And there is no pleasure in the knowledge that those having 'the good life' proclaim this the result that makes it all worthwhile. I am NOT HAPPY they say to me, "WAIT TILL YOU ARE DEAD AND IT WILL BE GOOD FOR YOU IF YOU BELIEVE WHAT I SAY!" Something deeply churning within my core suggests the magma of mankind an unworthy agent of its own existence. I suspect it's this sensory holism that poisons most religions with lies about the last days being forever in our midst and that defers all the sufferers of this life to be tricked into a jihad wanting bloodshed (fatwa) when it is pointed out there is no other life, for them or any of us, waiting in the wings.

I am unafraid to tell any of you , my common human friends, that religion is doing neither you or I any good whatsoever and that any good within it is paid for all too greatly by the even greater sufferings of many more of us.

Let us all share a common good to do good - FOR GOODNESS SAKES - and not some self deluded emotion of our own feel good in a life somewhere else! This life is enough for me, and for you, even though it is not one most of us would choose had we known what had awaited us. But whilst here let us do our best!


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