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Well I guess it doesn't matter if the HRW article was misrepresent. We've got exactly the kind of person we were talking about right here...

Comment 16 by imokyrok :

You might not like the direction a country takes with regard to expressing their democracy

"Expressing their democracy" is a hell of a euphemism for burying people up to their necks and beating them to death with rocks.

Instead of spy satellites and bombs why not try communication satellites and ipads. The free exchange of information and ideas may well achieve what oppression and violence impedes. Instead of financial sanctions offer financial reinforcement of positive behaviour - for example financial support for womens educational facilities.

Great ideas, except for places where those happy activities are illegal. Or places where the information is available, but the majority still elects theocrats.

But I do agree that financial sanctions are pointless and harm the wrong people. A physical assault against the government would be better.

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