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For such diverse societies to function and to be fair, we need to show respect for other peoples, cultures, and viewpoints. Social justice requires not just that individuals are treated as political equals, but also that their cultural beliefs are given equal recognition and respect.

Well the argument is clearly flawed. While we raise an eyebrow at people with bizarre scientific ideas and claims we can test them and show them to be absurd. But equal recognition to their cultural beliefs? Well I'm not so sure where the boundaries are here between culture and belief but If some one claims in his culture he can thrash his wife for disobedience or marry and have sex with pre-pubescent females then it deserves no respect anywhere.

The avoidance of cultural pain has, therefore, come to be regarded as more important than the abstract right to freedom of expression.

The PC brigade has not helped. Arguments are considered on emotional appeals and special pleads rather than on the truth.

As the British sociologist Tariq Modood has put it, ‘If people are to occupy the same political space without conflict, they mutually have to limit the extent to which they subject each others’ fundamental beliefs to criticism.’

Shame he put such rubbish at all. If the over sensitive could only take their self righteous heads out of their arses about 'facts' which are as fanciful as bogey men under the bed!

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