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And some folks cannot understand why Geert Wilders is tolerated in such a liberal society?

It seems it is more a statement from voters in a polarised society, and his party was indeed voted for in some numbers, the Dutch folk I interact with daily give a very strong impression that they are tired of the authorities bending over backwards to pacify and seemingly enable any demand Islam makes within their society.

Antics like these clowns acting like brain dead pricks will only give Wilders more support from former moderate citizens, who appreciate the liberal society they live in and the privilege of free speech and expression, they do not appreciate that being curtailed in any sense and, unfortunately, it seems it is only Wilders and his brand of politics that is actually challenging Islamic ambitions in parliament. I think it is more a desperate and increasingly irritated public that find voting for Wilders and the PVV their only outlet to their uneasiness and building anger.

And the message has still not been understood by political parties elsewhere that continue to push the multi-cultural and all inclusiveness angle in their policies...folk are sick of it ...simples!

Because of one very relevant point...Islam does not want to integrate with any Western secular society at all in any sense of the word.

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