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Dr. Dawkins, Education is indeed a key to solving the "religious problem" But it is not the first step. Religion is an addiction, and the addicted must want to stop their addiction before education will be accepted. Fear is paramount in the religious mind, and only when it is overcome, and education can do that, will the fear subside and ignorance with it. Atheism is not the goal however. Science can inform individuals to the new facts we discern about the universe, and a god is not among those facts. For many religious, the step from god fearing to being against god is just too much. Without god is sufficient. When god is removed from our lives, the wars fought for religion, against other religions and against women, and the planet will go away. I'm Hoping, I'm guessing. Any takers?

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 19:33:15 UTC | #911438