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                 > [Comment 5](/videos/644736-richard-dawkins-at-the-jaipur-literature-festival/comments?page=1#comment_911772) by   [SerenaP](/profiles/171745) :> >   WRT the lady who asked if it was Richard's conscious decision to use simpler and simpler language over the years, and Richard replying that each was addressed to a different audience.> > I'd like it if Richard writes books for an audience that has read The Selfish Gene and The Extended Phenotype. I consider The God Delusion "light reading"... something to read for a quick laugh, but essentially, I did not come across much that I had not figured out already for myself. (The Smolin bits were entirely new to me.)> I was genuinely surprised by the observation of the woman in the audience, apparenty endorsed by Serena here. I had truly thought that, with the exception of *The Extended Phenotype* (for professional biologists) and *The Magic of Reality* (for children), all my books, including *The Selfish Gene,* were aimed at the same audience as each other: intelligent non-specialist adults.Shows how much I know!Richard

In my experience of reading your work, the only difficulties I had were with The Extended Phenotype, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn a lot from your easier-to-read books.

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