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I do hope that this visit to India has left Prof Dawkins with a wish to spread his enlightening message to India. I'm know that he has plenty of fans here, people whose veil of ignorance has been lifted by reading one of his books on science and atheism, but I feel that there are millions more who have simply never heard of him, or for that matter of Hithens, Harris, Dennett et al, because they've never read anything about atheism in our mainstream media. My humble request - Perhaps, as a start, he could try to publish his articles in some mainstream newspapers here, like he does in the "On Faith" section in the Washington Post. That will definitely create an argument here and will help atheists here to speak up respectably. Maybe in the future, opposition to events like the Rushdie affair will be more vocal.

Fri, 27 Jan 2012 05:55:39 UTC | #911928