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Ad Hominem really, really annoys me. I'm so sick of being told that I don't understand the bible because I'm an atheist, as if atheists have difficulty understanding the English language if it's written in a "holy book". I'm sick of hearing arguments against family planning centered on its founder's alleged racism. I'm sick of hearing that the US media have a liberal bias based on the point-of-view of many of its members. I'm sick of hearing about the lack of morality in atheism based on individual cases such as Hitler and Stalin.

I wish that everyone understood logical fallacies. I try to educate my opponents, but when I cite sources that educate my opponents on the various fallacies (usually the Wikipedia link) I'm often told that these sources are biased because they've been cited by me, an atheist. That's why Ad Hominem is the worst.

Tue, 31 Jan 2012 04:46:21 UTC | #912949