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Speaking of shrill, the rhetoric is being ramped up by Republicans, FAUX News, and their ilk regarding their claimed "War on Religion" by Obama. They keep repeating the phrase or tweaking it, as with the "War on Catholicism" purportedly indicated by the new health plan's provisions for contraception. They are the loud, shrill false victims calling the flock to arms against the threat. I don't think that it is an exaggeration to guess that the "War on Religion" phrase is uttered one hundred times per day on FAUX News. This while secularism is under withering attacks from Republican henchmen in every state house in the country as they introduce legislative bills by the dozens meant to infuse religion into government. Led by the Karl Rove school of logical fallacy, the Republicans invariably accuse opponents of their very own vices, and they put great reliance on coded language and the widespread dissemination thereof. For instance, when praising theocrat politicians they laud their 'social conservatism', which is the media's new word for 'religion'. The right-wing media is starting the battle without us, getting out in front, and hoping for a big retaliation in an election year, one with which to stir their crusaders. I wonder if we should give them their foil. Subterfuge might be preferable.

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